About us

About Us

KAYAKALP CLINIC" has cured thousands of patients through ayurvedic herbal medicines. The only goal of our clinic is to bring smile on the patients face and to provide safe, effective & affordable ayurvedic treatment to the patients around the world. The team of physicians serving at KAYAKALP CLINIC are highly educated and efficient. Their profound and enormous knowledge of Ayurveda has made KAYAKALP CLINIC one of the most reliable and successful clinic of the town, treating large number of patients in India and abroad.

At KAYAKALP CLINIC we have come across many cases which were complicated due to indiscriminate use of allopathic drugs but we are happy to announce that we were successful in curing all cases. Modern medicines have harmful side effects but ayurvedic treatment do not as a rule have any side effects but they have their own properties. Everything in nature has relevance for medicine and that is why KAYAKALP CLINIC has collected a fund of data of therapeutic effects of all kind of natural substances on different diseases and this natural substances are then used to cure diseases. Along with the medicines their is also Massage Center,Trans meditation Center, and Yoga center at "KAYAKALP CLINIC"

At Kayakalp Clinic, our team of medical specialists have extensive experience in this field, we offer the excellent treatment. Our friendly and helpful staff interacts gently with you so that you can feel comfortable with us to discuss your sexual problems.

We at Kayakalp Clinic trust to offer the treatment for sexual dysfunctions that should be done with complete transparency. Transparency is our policy. We do not trust in offering the self-manufactured drugs or dispense of drugs at our end. We offer the treatment of sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, sexual arousal disorders, male infertility and impotency from base root level with great diagnostic tools at the economical price.

We believe in keeping our patient’s trust on us and keep it, it is important that a patient should know what drugs are taken. We prescribe Ayurvedic medicines that do not cause any side-effects. The patient condition is diagnosed for hormones and sex stimulants. We do not trust in offering the same medicine to all. The cause of sexual problems is determined with proper sex counseling and clinical evaluation. Additionally the ultrasounds, medical history and tests are taken to find any diabetes, abnormal blood pressure, misuse of sex stimulants earlier and inappropriate use of ayurvedic on the counter drugs.

We are the best sexologist doctor in Patna, India offering the solution for all types of sexual problems. We are infertility specialist who diagnose your problems and offer suitable solution according to your age, gender and medical condition. We also offer the treatment for STDs with sex education. Our sexologist has spent his life in this field and is a super specialist in the sexual health.

The Top most sexologist in Patna, Bihar, India is committed to offer the best treatment for sexual health related problems in people throughout Patna.

Winning Awards

Best Sexologist Award

Winning Award of 'Best Sexologist and skin care clinic in Bihar' inPragati International health care awards 2018-19

Award of Best Ayurveda Chikitsak

Getting Award of Best Ayurveda Chikitsak by difference ministers

Inernational Award

Getting Internation award .......

Morning -11:00 AM to 02:00 PM                    Evening - 04:00 PM to 08:00 PM                    [ Prior Appointment Must ]                   Sunday - Open [Only by appointment]                    Charges / Fees :       Check-up Charge- Rs. 300/-                    Medicine Charge- Rs. 300- (Onward)